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  • How long is the warranty period?
    The warranty period for all the products sold which is presented in English is one year from the date of purchase. However, every other item except the main body will be classified as accessories, and in this case, the warranty period may be different.
  • My cable has broken. Is free repairing service available?
    As for every type of accessory with a cable (ear-phone, head-phone, USB cable, etc.), free repairing or free refurbish exchange service is not applicable to cable breaking.
  • Do you have criteria for repairing charge estimation?
    Repairing fees are a sum of the price for replaced parts, labor fee, and delivery fee. (Price for replaced parts: prices for the components that have been replaced in the repairing process; labor fee: costs calculated in proportion to the repairing time and difficulty)
  • Europe CS/RMA center in Germany
    ACTIVO official RMA center in Europe is DM Solution, which deals with enquiry and RMA service. Please refer to the below information. Before enquiry, please name us exact product information such as Serial Number, Place of Purchase, Receipt to see the purchase date etc. The more detailed the symptom description is, the faster it can proceed. Address:DM Solution, Ober der Roeth 4, 65824 Schwalbach, Germany Email: Tel : +49 (0) 6196 / 953 573 0 Typical working time: Monday to Friday09:00 ~ 17:00Lunch time12:00 ~ 13:00
  • If my product has a breakdown or damage within the warranty period, is repairing service available free of charge?
    Regardless of the warranty period, if the breakdown or damage is attributed to the customer’s fault, the customer must bear the repairing charge. As for accessories, the repairing charge may amount to as much as the initial purchase price depending on the type of repair or breakdown/damage.
  • What If My Product is Damaged or Defective?
    If you have a problem with an item you purchased, please use the Contact Us Form to let us know. Please include the serial number and explain the problem with the product.
  • Do I need a receipt for accessories rather than a product?
    For product warranty, you must keep a receipt even though it is an accessory. If you cannot prove the date of purchase, the date of initial release will be applied to the warranty period.
  • How long is the warranty period of batteries?
    Just like replaceable batteries, 1-year warranty from the date of purchase is applied to embedded batteries.
  • [P1] I have tuned the product myself after buying it. Can I receive repairing service in case of breakdown?
    Repairing may not be available if the product has been disassembled or tuned by the customer.
  • How Do I Return or Exchange an Item?
    For refund and exchange inquiries, please contact the store or website where you made the purchase. If you have any related questions, please initiate the process using the inquiry form. Please be sure to include the model name, serial number and the reason for requesting the return or exchange.
  • How can I check the warranty period?
    The warranty period is decided based on the purchase record (receipt).
  • [P1] When there is no sound or there is static/interference.
    1. Check that the volume setting is above 0. 2. Check that the earphones are plugged in properly and no debris is obstructing the port connection. 3. Check if the music file is corrupted. 4. Verify that the audio settings have been properly set. (Balanced out, line out, etc.)
  • [P1] Wi-Fi Connection check points
    Wi-Fi Connection issue check points: 1. Make sure your router is on and in range. 2. Make sure Wi-Fi is on and the network is showing. 3. Check for Wi-Fi network issues, Make sure the router is connected to the modem and turned on. 4. If there is problem, Please delete the existing wireless router connection information and reconnect. 5. Restart router and device to see if the issue is resolved. Also check it with other devices or router.
  • [P1] USB DAC function and recognition
    [USB DAC function] This is a function that can be used as a "USB sound card" by connecting the AK product to PC USB. - After connecting the product to PC, select [USB DAC] to connect to USB DAC mode. - The USB DAC function is automatically installed and recognized through the driver built into the OS. - If the device does not install properly, check the device driver (automatically search) through the Device Manager. - If the device is installed but no sound is output, delete the device through Device Manager and connect the product to the PC again and confirm. - If your PC already has a sound card, change the default device through the control panel, Sound is played only when you select the ACVITO P1 as the device to output the sound through the playback program setting. [Check path] ※ Windows XP: Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Change Sound Playback default device to "USB DAC" in the ‘Audio’ tab. ※ Windows vista/7/8/10/11: Control Panel - Hardware and Sounds - Sounds - Audio Devices manager - Select the "USB DAC" in the ‘Play’ tab, and then select as “set as the Default device” [USB DAC support specification] Please refer to the each product manual.
  • [P1] I Have Lost the Accessory of the Product. Can I Purchase the Accessory Separately?
    We do not sell components of the product separately. However, in this case, we would like to assist you as much as possible. Please provide the serial number of the item you purchased and specify the item you are inquiring about. We will respond after confirming.
  • [P1] LCD bad pixel policy
    The service regulations about the number of LCD bad pixels (dead pixels) are as follows. In case of bad pixels, the person in charge checks the LCD accurately, Check whether it is defective, and then do LCD free replacement or LCD replacement with payment. The replaced LCD may also have defective pixels, And will be handled in the same way as below:
  • [P1] Can You Provide the Firmware File?
    Firmware updates for the ACTIVO P1 are conducted via OTA (Over-The-Air) way. You can proceed with the update when prompted on the device, or you can do so in the settings-update menu. Firmware files are not shared separately due to security reasons.
  • [P1] Sleep mode standard notice
    If the screen is turned on again or plays back, etc., it will not enter into the sleep mode.
  • [P1] Precautions for Using microSD Card
    Supported codecs: All playback supported formats Conditions: The sample rate, bit, and codec of the current playback song and the next playback song must be the same.
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